Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Office located?

The Office for Communityworks Non-Profit Housing Corporation (NPHC) is located at 30 Provender Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4P1.
The telephone number is 613-741-1279
The fax number is 613-741-8288

Where can I park my car?

If you would like to rent a parking space you must sign a parking agreement and register your vehicle with the office. We charge parking fees based on the type of parking and the location.

If you find someone parked in your rented parking space, call the city at 311 to have the vehicle ticketed. You will have to show a copy of your Communityworks NPHC Parking Agreement to the City By-Law Officer. Also call the Office to advise them of the make of the car and license number. If the vehicle is registered with Communityworks NPHC, we may be able to locate the owner and deal with the situation.

For information about parking, call the office at 613-741-1279 or by email at [email protected].

What do I do if I get locked out of my apartment?

We can make new keys during regular office hours only. We may charge a small fee. We can also unlock your door if you have been locked out, but you will have to show identification and pay a “lockout” fee.

After hours lock outs will be billed directly to the tenants at the time of the locksmith coming to the building to allow you access to your unit. This cost will not be paid by Communityworks NPHC. It is strongly recommended you leave a spare key to your unit with a friend/neighbour.

Who is responsible for maintaining my yard and balcony for clearing snow?

You are responsible for keeping your home reasonably clean and taking care of yards, porches and balconies that are attached to your home. Please keep in mind that when you are clearing snow from your balcony to be considerate of your neighbours and let them know ahead of time.

Snow Removal on Walkways and parking lots

Communityworks NPHC is responsible for clearing/removing snow from all parking lots when there is 5 cm or more. Buildings with wheelchair-designed units get priority.

Please note that tenants who park in our spots are responsible for ensuring their vehicle(s) are moved for snow clearing.

Am I allowed to have a pet?

You can have a pet as long as it does not disturb other tenants. All pets must be registered with the Communityworks NPHC office and proof of current vaccinations provided by a veterinarian. Please note that the Office must be provided with current vaccinations on an annual basis. Tenants who do not provide this information to the office will be required to remove the pet from Communityworks NPHC property until all vaccinations are up to date.

There are City by-laws controlling the number of pets you can keep.

If you have a dog, you must keep it on a leash and remember to ‘stoop-and-scoop’. Use the stairs instead of the elevator when taking large dogs in and out of the building. Remember – not all of your neighbours are dog lovers. Dog owners who are seen not cleaning up after their pet will receive a letter of warning from the office, should a second report be received of tenants not cleaning up after their pets they will be fined a fee of $75.00 should staff have to clean up after your pet.

If you have a cat, please be considerate to the neighbours below and do not put the litter box on your balcony. Do Not flush cat litter down the toilet and be sure to double bag it prior to putting it in the garbage chute.

Please be a responsible and considerate pet owner.

When are the garbage and recycling days?

Presland Mews – garbage/recycling day is Monday.

Peterson Walk – garbage/recycling day is Wednesday.

Communityworks Place – garbage/recycling day is Wednesday.

Cliff House – garbage day is Friday and recycling is Wednesday.

What are the office hours?


9:00 a.m. – Noon
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – Noon
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – Noon
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – Noon

Where can my guest park their car?

If your guest(s) drives a car, please see parking guidelines below.

Having friends over for dinner?

Use Visitor Parking at our Communityworks Place (1370 Ogilvie Road) and Cliff House (30 Provender Avenue) locations.
There is only street parking for our Presland Mews (200-208 Presland Road) and Paterson Walk (8 Bullman Street) locations. Please keep City parking restrictions in mind when parking on local streets.

Communityworks NPCH visitors parking spaces are intended for short-term parking by guests, only for visits less than 4 hours.

For longer visits or overnight guests you must register their vehicle at the office and obtain a Guest Parking Pass.

If your guests are staying longer than 4 hours, overnight or up to 3 days, come to the Communityworks NPHC office at 30 Provender Avenue to pick up a Guest Parking Pass and register the vehicle with the office for the authorized dates. Note that the parking pass does not guarantee access to a visitor space. Access is on a first come, first served basis.

Visitors who require parking beyond 3 days must contact the Office to make alternate arrangements for parking, if available.

Please be Aware

Vehicles found in visitor parking for more than 4 hours, overnight or on a regular basis without an authorized parking pass may be ticketed and/or towed after receiving one 24-hour parking violation notice.

What is Communityworks NPHC’s Policy regarding your guests?

You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests and anyone you let into your building. You will be charged for any damages they cause. Guests are your responsibility from the time you allow them access to Communityworks NPHC property until you escort them off.

What do I do if I see pests in my home?

If you see or suspect pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, or mice in your home, call the Office at 613-741-1279 right away. You will also need to complete a request for maintenance repairs.

Finding and reporting pests early is the key to getting rid of them.

Looking for subsidized housing?

In the city of Ottawa, all subsidized housing is provided through the Social Housing Registry of Ottawa (the Registry) waiting list.  The Registry maintains the central waiting list for people applying for subsidized housing in Ottawa. The Registry keeps the list according to rules set out by the Province of Ontario in the Housing Services Act, 2011.

After you have filled in your Registry application, you will be placed on the waiting list. When Communityworks NPHC has a subsidized vacancy, we refer to the Registry’s waiting list to fill it. This is the only way to obtain subsidized housing from Communityworks NPHC.

For more information about subsidized housing in Ottawa, please visit the Registry’s website or call (613) 526-2088.